3 Day Dallas Basketball Camp

3 Day camps

This 3 day camp is the perfect opportunity to learn and practice proper fundamentals of the game of basketball with life skills integrated into the X’s and O’s.   Your team will be investing time in becoming better teammates and players by learning the system of improving their skill sets on and off the court.  The 3 Day Basketball camp is proven skills development program will drastically improve your team’s skills.

The 3-day camp takes place each morning at a local facility leaving the rest of the day for your team to enjoy the day!  Our camp will have many exciting team development stations that not only develop basketball skills but integrate a character trait that will help that player perform those skills better.  The skills that will be developed at the 3 Day Basketball Camp are the fundamentals of shooting, passing, ball handling, screening, and defense and the overall understanding of the game of basketball. They will leave with a higher Basketball IQ than when they came! This is truly a camp to remember!

These camps are held during the summer months or during long breaks. For more information please contact;

Coach Jim King