Basketball Training To Score 20ppg

Basketball Offensive Training

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to score 20 points in a Dallas youth basketball game?  Do you think you’ve got what it takes to average 20 points per game?

When you break it down, scoring 20 points per game doesn’t sound so hard.  After all, it’s only 5 points per quarter.  Right?  But in the NBA, where the most skilled offensive players in the world play (with 12 minute quarters nonetheless), in the 2013-2014 season there were only 19 players who averaged 20 points per game or more.  Scoring 20 points per game is really hard and it takes a lot of skill to do.

If you even think you want to average 20 points per game, you’ve got to know what it takes.  Let’s briefly talk about what it takes to be a 20 point per game scorer.

Basketball Training Offensive Expectation and Consistency

Looking at the 19 NBA 20 PPG scorers, 17 of them were drafted in the Top 10 picks of the NBA draft the year they entered the league.  So what does that mean?  It means that these players were expected to be good.  They were expected to score and to be really good players, and for the most part it is not a surprise that they are averaging 20 PPG.  How does this relate to you?  Well at your school, or on your club team, you must put teammates and coaches on notice that you are a very good player, and in fact probably THE best player on your team.  This means showing that in the offseason, at open run sessions, and in practices.  You have to consistently show that you are one of the best offensive options for your team.  This means having your skills sharp, being aggressive to score and being willing to miss shots and fail half the time.  Remember, there will be at most two 20 PPG scorers on your team.  And remember that the best players miss about half their shots, so you have to be willing to fail to succeed.  The coach is only drawing up plays for where/who he believes give his team the best chance to score points, so you’ve got to stand out consistently even before the games start.

Train To Build Go-To Skill Sets

Look again at the list of 20 PPG scorers.  For almost all of them I can immediately identify how they generally score their points.  Durant – shooting.  Carmelo – 1-on-1 from the wing and in the post.  Lebron – driving and transition.  The list goes on.  Do you know how you’re going to score your points?  Do you have an identifiable offensive skill set?  If you do not, you need to figure out what you do best and refine those skills.  Remember that organized basketball is not the same as pickup ball.  Everybody can’t just do whatever they want.  The coach is going to put the ball in the hands of those who can handle and create plays.  He is going to draw up plays to get guys open who can catch-and-shoot.  He is going to isolate 1-on-1 scorers in the spots they like to receive the ball.  If you are just “talented” and don’t have a refined offensive skill set, it will be hard for the coach to draw up plays for you and by extension harder for your to get your 20 point average.

Train For A High Free Throw Percentage

Great scorers get extra points at the free throw line.  In the NBA, the average amount of free throws made for 20 PPG scorers is close to 6.  That’s makes, not attempts.  So think about attempting about 8 free throws a game.  To do that, that means you must be intentional about getting to the rim, because that is where most shooting fouls occur.  You also must be adept at drawing and absorbing contact, instead of avoiding it or routinely getting your shot blocked.  This is an important skill, and a lot of good players don’t have it.  If you can live at the free throw line, you can add crucial points to your scoring average.  The ability to get to and convert at the free throw line can be the difference between a 15 PPG scorer and a 20 PPG scorer.

Basketball Training For A Killer Mentality

I briefly touched on this earlier, but 20 PPG scorers can’t be afraid to fail.  20 PPG scorers in the NBA are taking anywhere between 13 and 21 shot attempts per game.  And that doesn’t include shots on which they are fouled and don’t make the shot.  These guys are shooting a lot.  And you must too if you want to score.  A lot of players look for “perfect” shot opportunities before they will shoot, where they are almost wide open.  Well, as a known scorer you are not going to get wide open a whole bunch.  You have to be willing to go create your own shot and create something out of nothing.  You also can’t let a couple of misses to cause you to stop shooting.  The misses rack up for 20 PPG scorers, that’s just the nature of the job.  But 20 PPG scorers don’t let the misses change their scoring mentality.

Scoring 20 PPG is a goal a lot of you may have.  After seeing what it takes to get it done, are you still up for the challenge?  If you are, contact your local Dallas basketball trainer today to help you get your overall skills, go-to skill set, free throws and scoring mentality up to par with the best scorers in basketball.  We can’t wait to see you racking up the points.  If you are looking to find a basketball trainer outside of Dallas, check out