Become a Youth Basketball All Star

dallas youth basketball all star

How To Become a Dallas Youth Basketball All Star

Youth basketball players love to watch and admire great NBA players like Lebron, James, Lamarcus Aldridge and Kevin Durant. However, few know what it takes to perform like a great player. There’s a desire to be great without a good understanding of what it really takes to produce like one of the top guys. Let us help you connect your desire to your reality and give you the keys to becoming an All Star at your level of youth basketball.

Play with Confidence

Confidence is an intangible quality that is at the foundation of every great player. Confidence means not looking to teammates for validation before deciding to take a shot, make a drive, or call for the basketball. Confidence looks within for validation, not to others. One of the ways confidence can be built is by developing skills you can stand on with your basketball trainer. Confident players must be consistently confident, as that consistency allows teammates to begin recognizing you as a go-to player.

Know Your Basketball Strengths

Great players know exactly what they do well. Lebron knows that he is a great driver, so do you know where he takes most of his shots? He takes more than 50% of his shots within 10 feet of the basket, and he shoots at over 60% accuracy on these attempts. Stephen Curry, a skinny guard who happens to be one of the best shooters in the league, conversely takes over 70% of his shots from 10 feet and greater away from the basket. He shoots a good field good percentage from these distances, including 42% from the 3 point line, while taking minimal physical punishment to his body. Great players don’t waste extra energy trying to do things they don’t do well in games. They know their strengths and are more effective because of it.

 Play Aggressively

Every player who played in the 2014 NBA All Star game besides one averaged at least 15 points per game. Do you know what that means? It means that these players are aggressive offensively! It is one thing to be confident, and it is another thing to keep your aggressiveness level at an 8 or above for the entire game. Great players don’t let the misses bother them so much – they keep on firing and they stay aggressive at all times. Points and assists don’t grow on trees. You’ve got to take shots and attempt to make plays to go get them. This is what All Stars do.

 Fight Through Adversity

Players who play confidently, know their strengths and play aggressively aren’t guaranteed success. As a matter of fact, players who do these things often make themselves targets of opposing defenses, and that can make success tough sometimes. What separates “pretty good” players from All Star players is the ability to fight through adversity. A good player might lose confidence or aggressiveness if things aren’t going his way in a game. An All Star sticks with his approach even when things aren’t going well because he knows his team depends on him to be the player he is. And he also knows that the game isn’t over until the final buzzer sounds. Remember that All Stars in the NBA are consistent producers and for the most part lead winning teams. Things don’t go well for them every night, but they find a way to produce and consistently give their teams a fighting chance to win. If All Star players didn’t fight through adversity and continue to play for the win, we wouldn’t see the comebacks and game winning shots that we do.

If you want to be an All Star player, take hold of these concepts. Get with your trainer, continue to work hard and show that confidence, aggressiveness, self-awareness and fight every time you step out on the basketball court!