Preseason Letter for Dallas Youth Basketball Players

Dallas youth Basketball Team“If each of you makes every effort to develop to the best of your ability, follow the proper rules of conduct and activity most conducive to good physical condition, subordinate individual acclaim for the welfare of the team, and permit no personality clashes or differences of opinion with teammates or coaches to interfere with your or a teammate’s efforts, it will be a very rewarding year.”

Coach John Wooden wrote these words to his UCLA Bruins team.  The words are timeless and should be applicable to every Dallas youth basketball player and coach.  While forming, storming, norming and performing might be typical group dymanmics, great teams and players move quickly thru the first 3 areas of development.  If you and your team are still storming (have split agendas) then you need to re-read this letter.


Dallas Youth Basketball RefereesReferees are human.  They make mistakes – a lot of them.  Keep in mind that a good basketball player misses 55 percent of his shots and often has 4 turnovers in a single game.  We all accept those mistakes.  Perhaps we should be a little more patient with refs.

Fouls are often lighting rod moments for second guessing Dallas Youth Basketball referees.  I suggest that you redefine the concept of the foul call.  A foul occurs whenever you cause illegal contact with an opposing player.

A foul also occurs when it appears that you caused illegal contact.  Understand the second part of this definition.   Relax.  Adjust to the way a referee is calling the game.   And remember – referees are human.  Treat them accordingly.  Keep in mind we are discussing youth basketball, high school basketball etc.  No one has cancer.  Let’s keep some perspective.