Dallas training to catch the basketballSound easy?  So why are so many youth basketball players in Dallas screwing this up?

Train To Catch The Basketball

  1. Want the ball.  Our youth basketball players are becoming Xs and Os .  They are learning plays and not how to play.

  2. Convey to your teammates that you want the ball.  If you are open, let them know.

  3. Let them know with your eyes, your mouth, and your hands.   Look at them with urgency, let them know aloud by calling “BALL!”, and clap.

  4. Have your fingers open wide giving a target close to the triple threat if open on the perimeter.  Get your hands out from your chest reaching to receive the ball.

  5. Have all ten fingers pointing at the ceiling.

  6. Be ready to step to the ball if there is defensive pressure.

  7. Do not let your eyes leave the ball.   See the ball into your hands, specifically your finger pads and bridge of your hands.

  8. Cushion the arrival of the ball.  Use your hands and elbows as shock absorbers.

  9. Have your feet ready.  For the 1-2 method have that left foot down if you are right handed.  If you are using the hop step get ten toes to the rim.

  10. Secure and protect the ball in a manner that is on balance but gives you the opportunity to be aggressive to shoot, sweep and drive, or pass.

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