Dallas Basketball Superhero Profile: Dirk Nowitzki

Basketball Superpower- Dirk Nowitzki

Basketball Superhero Profile: Dirk Nowitzki

Cue the Superman theme song.  There has been a basketball superhero sighting…and his name is Dirk Nowitzki! 

In basketball, every player has a superpower.  One player may be a lights out catch-and-shoot player from the 3 point line.  That’s his superpower.  One player might have excellent court vision and can make passes that no one else can.  That’s his superpower.  It sometimes takes a while, but eventually good players figure out what they are very good at and they use their superpower to have a great impact on the game.  Do you know what your superpower is?

Dirk Nowitzki has figured out his superpower and he has used it to be highly effective throughout a long and legendary career.  Here’s a profile on everybody’s favorite 7 foot German basketball star.

Name: Dirk Nowitzki

Height: 7’0”

Position: Power Forward

Awards and Accolades: 12x NBA All Star, 12x All NBA Team, 2007 NBA MVP, 2011 NBA Champion, 2011 NBA Finals MVP, Top 10 All Time NBA in Points Scored

Superpower: Jump-Shooting

Dirk Nowitzki is considered one of the best shooters in NBA history.  At 7 foot tall, there has never been a player his size who is a better shooter.  You can imagine how hard it is to block a 7 footer’s shot as well.  In the history of the NBA, there have only been 6 players who have shot “50-40-90” in an NBA season.  50-40-90 refers to shooting 50% from the field, 40% from the 3 point line, and 90% from the free throw line; these marks are considered benchmarks of elite shooting.  Dirk Nowitzki is one of the 6 players to go 50-40-90 for an entire season.  In addition to being an all-around great shooter, Dirk Nowitzki’s one-legged fadeaway jump shot is considered one of the toughest shots in NBA history to defend.  Dirk utilizes this move in the low and mid post to drive defenders crazy and rack up the points.

 Superhero Moment: 2011 NBA Playoffs

Dirk Nowitzki lead his Dallas Mavericks team to a sweep of the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the playoffs.  This was an upset victory.  Dirk also played excellently in the Western Conference Finals against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder to get to the Finals.  He set the tone in that series by scoring 48 points in a hard-fought Game 1.  I watched his performance in awe of how effective he was.  In the Finals, Dirk was matched up against the Miami heat and their 3-headed monster of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  To many people beating the Heat seemed like too tough a task for the Mavericks.  But the Mavericks rose to the occasion and Dirk lead the charge.  The Mavericks lost Game 1 on the road, but Dirk lead them to a come-from-behind 2 point victory in Game 2.  The Mavericks beat the Heat in 6 games, and Dirk displayed late-game heroics in multiple games, something he had been criticized for not doing throughout much of his career.  Dirk averaged 26 points and 10 rebounds in the Finals, and took home the Bill Russell Finals MVP trophy.  His performance was legendary and cemented his status as a basketball superhero.

Superhero Legacy: A Champion

Dirk Nowitzki will be remembered for taking a legendary skill and making it pay huge dividends for his team.  During Dirk’s time in Dallas, the Mavericks won at least 50 (out of 82) games for an incredible 11 straight seasons.  The team has been a championship contender for most of his time there.  Dirk also showed great growth and mental toughness to become the legend we know and love him for.  The Mavericks suffered years of playoff disappointments (including a Finals loss to the Heat in 2006) and Dirk was dogged for not being good and tough enough to deliver a championship.  But Dirk persevered, becoming physically and mentally tougher over time, and eventually delivered the city of Dallas it’s first ever NBA championship in his 13th season with the team.  Dirk Nowitzki is truly a basketball superhero, and he shows you just how far you can go with your basketball superpower.

What is your basketball superpower?

How far will you go with yours?

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