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Dallas youth Basketball training jumble“I have been involved with the game of basketball all my life and have spent 15 years as a Division 1 assistant coach and the past 5 as a High School Coach.  I have coached NBA players as well as WNBA players and what I find very consistent is “character”  it separates the “real from the unreal” and Coach Taylor is the man when it comes to “character”, so why wouldn’t he start up a Academy.  I have known Adam for about 3 years but our paths crossed when I was a college coach and he was coaching at the college level as well.   He has a passion for the unknown, he has a vision to help all level of kids fulfill any and all their dreams, whether it be a player on the high school level or that big dream of playing college basketball, Adam believes in character it shines in all darkness.   Any kid is dreaming of playing and getting better, wanting exposure, learning how to play the game and has the passion to get better, should give Coach Taylor’s Academy a try.   I love his vision on the recruiting aspect and his desire to network with all coaches on any level.   It’s real and worth the investment, this is someone you can count on.  I am looking forward to watching his dream development into one of the best things for kids.”

-Arthur Prevost

Head Coach Corsicana High School Basketball

Former Division 1 Assistant Coach (UTEP, UC Irvine, TCU, University of Minnesota, Georgia Tech and Lamar University)



When I was a freshman, under Coach Adam Taylor, I thought I knew the game of basketball and everything it had to offer.  Little did I know that I could be far greater than I ever realized.  Through Coach Taylor teaching and working with me I was able to become a great defensive player and a reliable shooter.  This transformation was from a okay defender and a very streaky shooter with a poor shot.  It started with Coach getting back to the basics and working with my fundamentals and focusing on getting the little things right.  Today I am a coach and can proudly say that most of my basketball knowledge comes from what Coach Taylor has taught and instilled in me.


Coach Nathan White


 I have had the pleasure to work with Coach Taylor for two years.  During those two years he taught me how to be a better leader on and off the court.  By taking time out of his day to talk to me, and mentor me he has helped me reach my goals as a coach, and also a leader.  I have always like how Coach Taylor talks to his players, and   is able to build strong relationships with each player.  I would send my children to Coach Taylor for a workshop, or anything that he has going on because I know they will be in good hands.
Robert Ware
Co- Founder of Real Athletics

Robert J. Ware
Real Athletics
O 866-932-2338


I have known Coach Taylor for over 20 years and can attest to his passion in developing young people, not only in the game of basketball, but also in the game of life. Coach Taylor is dedicated to following the direction of Jesus Christ in all avenues of personal and professional business.  His wealth of experience in coaching, recruiting and administration will ensure your player will receive attention to detail both on and off the court.  I am convinced that working with Coach Taylor will improve your knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball and help you to become tremendous “blue chip” player!


Kelly M. Spann, M.S.S.

Head Baseball Coach/Assistant Football Coach

Natchitoches Central High School

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Having known Coach Taylor for over 10 years, I have seen him coach at all levels. His knowledge and passion for teaching the fundamentals have made him successful at all levels. 

John Krchmar

Former College head basketball Coach


Adam is a dedicated coach to the development of today’s youth.  Adam is not only a good x’s and o’s coach, but even better communicator to help understand the fundamentals of the game.  I look for great things to continue to happen with Character Prep and Adam’s coaching endeavors.


Aaron Kallhoff

Trinity Valley Women’s Basketball

100 Cardinal Drive

Athens, TX 75751

903-804-3506 cell

903-675-6201 office email


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