Basketball Fundamentals: The Power Lay-up

layups and basketball trainingWhatever the first thing was you were taught in basketball it is safe to say that a lay-up was not far behind. Kids all across the country, including Dallas Youth Basketball Players, have and will continue to learn about the ability to take two steps in basketball that allows you to shoot without having to stop your forward momentum. The lay-up is also where the idea of having to use both hands is introduced, a skill that of course is seen in all parts of the game.

The reason this shot is taught early in a players development is that is so common and so useful along with being an extremely high-percentage shot. Today’s news is that the lay-up works. As young player develops it is important for them to continue developing this shot as well. This can come in the forms of reverses, finger-rolls and different release points, but one of the most important things that can be added to a lay-up is power. This may sound obvious at first but there is a huge difference between a lay-up with and without “power”.

What turns a lay-up into a power lay-up? Probably not basketball lessons with Dad in the driveway.  The first thing is to bring your knee all the way up so that you have the ability to take quite a bit of contact. This is not in an effort to hurt an opponent but instead simply send the message that you are in attack mode and nothing with any sense is getting in your way. The second is speed and explosiveness. A power lay-up has as much momentum as possible in two directions, straight ahead and vertically. A tip for developing this momentum is to pound your last dribble before taking off. This helps players to gather and explode up as well as decreasing the possibility of getting stripped. When a player shoots a power lay-up he or she needs to have a mind-set that goes along with the physical traits previously mentioned. He or she has to WANT to attack. They have to want contact. When this mindset and the mastering of physical movements, the power lay-up can become a staple of any players game and used with great success.   Character Prep helps not only with the physical techniques in mastering power layups- but also the mental aspects of being an attacking player.   Dallas Basketball Training at it’s finest.