The Importance of Becoming a Complete Basketball Player
Guest Post Written By Kyle Ohman of

dallas basketball trainerThere are many different skill areas of the game; shooting, dribbling, passing, etc. Most Dallas Youth Basketball players are good at a couple areas of the game but then the rest they struggle with. If you are a shooter you want to stick to your strengths, but if you get over closed out in a game are you going to be able to put the ball on the ground and make a move? This is just one example but you get the idea. I heard a quote from Reggie Miller one time and I think it is a good question that every player should ask themselves. He said, “What are you going to offensively after the defender has taken away what you do best?” That is a great question to ask yourself because once you start getting to play against better competition they will scout you. If you can only drive to your right hand they are going to make you go left. This is where training to become a complete basketball player comes into play.

If you are really committed to becoming a complete basketball player then the first thing you need to do is sit down and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have figured out what you need to work on then you can dedicate the time to training for it. If you can’t dribble the basketball with your left hand then work on it until it is as good as your right hand, if you struggle as a shooter then work on your shot, whatever your weakness is be willing to put the time into fixing it. A quick word of warning though, don’t get away from your strengths. If you are for example primarily a shooter then still work on shooting and make your strength even stronger.

Don’t be afraid of failure or messing up when training on a weakness. Most people don’t try something new because they think that it will be hard or they will fail. That is why their weaknesses always stay weaknesses. It may be really hard at first to work on your weaknesses and you will probably want to quit but the reward comes to those who push through. People said that Michael Jordan couldn’t shoot the basketball when he first got in the NBA, so he just believed them and was an average player… NO! He spent time working on his weakness and he became the best player of all time and one of the most clutch shooters of all time as well.

Once you have put the time into working on a specific skill have confidence in yourself. If you have spent the whole summer working on your jump shot then when you get in the game shoot the basketball with confidence when you are open. The majority of the battle is mental,  but since you know that you put the work in, you can be confident you have earned the right to be confident in yourself as a basketball player because you put the time into your game.

I know from personal experience the impact of working on your weaknesses and becoming a complete player. I went from being a walk on at a Division 1 school to being a thousand point scorer and ranked the 19th best shooter in the country my senior year. If I can do it anybody has a chance. Be willing to work on the areas of your game that you might not want to and then be patient with the process. This is the formula for success.

Kyle Ohman

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